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Cambridge Area 14 - 19 Partnership

Online Application (MyChoice16)

All applications are made via the MyChoice16  website.

Mychoice16 enables young people to apply online through a student-focused system. 

Students complete a profile section with information that providers require, and this is generic to all applications.

Students can search the e-prospectus on the site, showing all courses available at post 16 in the CAP and surrounding areas, and from that search, can create an application.

Students are asked to give a reason for each course chosen, so this allows the generic personal statement to be focused on them as people, their hobbies, character, strengths etc.

Most schools across Cambridgeshire are using the system to create a seamless application system that can be monitored by staff and advisers to ensure successful transitions onto post 16 courses/apprenticeships.

Students who attend a Cambridgeshire school can apply through the sytem to any school in the county except Sawtry Village Academy and Thomas Clarkson Academy. Students applying from those schools into Cambridgeshire providers can use the out of area Mychoice16

Students outside Cambridgeshire or the country can also apply as an out of area/international student through the system.