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Cambridge Area 14 - 19 Partnership


The Cambridge Area 14-19 Partnership has supported schools and businesses to work together with students from the start of secondary school through further education since January 2013.

With the introduction of the Greater Cambridge City Deal Skills Service, CAP’s Employer Links team  established a new social enterprise, Form the Future.   They continue to support all CAP schools and work with the hundreds of businesses and other organisations in the Cambridge area who wish to inspire and support young people.

They have also established a website to bring together schools and businesses: Step Up

 Form the Future bring schools and businesses together so students can learn about employment opportunities in our region, and develop the necessary skills and experience. Meeting and working with professionals is the best way to broaden horizons and help young people prepare for their futures.

When schools and businesses work together, young people get better preparation for the world of work to meet the regional economy’s skills needs.   Evidence shows that four or more meaningful interactions with employers throughout secondary school can significantly reduce a young person’s chance of being NEET (not in education, employment or training) at 19.